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The Power of CADSEEK Polaris in a Browser-based Application

CADSEEK Connect provides the same search results as Polaris, but in a browser-based application. 

Drill-Through Navigation

Connect displays data in a 2-dimensional, drill-through format that is somewhat like a catalog.

Families are represented by each tile, and each model can be inspected in 3D including the ability to rotate the model. 

Attribute Filtering

Searches can be filtered using any available meta-data.  

Connect Text Filter.PNG

Search Results

Search results can be examined and rotated in 3D, and meta-data is displayed.

Meta-Data View

A unique feature of Connect compared to Polaris is that Connect provides a meta-data view, where each attribute value used in the dataset is listed with thumbnails of all models have that value.  This feature is very useful for spotting models with erroneous attribute values.

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