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We Need the Ability to Find Something!"

Dana Nickerson, Director of Global Process Management, Whirlpool

Accelerating Innovation with New Data Strategies, TDWI

We found iSEEK to exceed expectations."
Brian Rugh

Search -- Identification -- Analytics

for Engineering Data

Finding CAD models has always been a challenge regardless of how they've been stored.  Keywords aren't comprehensive and parametric methods produce too much clutter to be of much use. 


CADSEEK is an innovative technology that  captures the geometry of CAD and other digital shapes in a form that is both accurate and readily comparable.  Imagine being able to classify an entire CAD database by shape automatically, and being able to search simply by selecting one model to find all others like it without worry about synonyms or native language.  CADSEEK is embedded in a suite of products built to serve the needs of design engineers, manufacturing, engineering IT, field service technicians and engineering managers.  

For more information about using shape as the basis of search please click here.  For an overview of CADSEEK products please click here or use one of the quick links below. 


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