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Utilized Across the Enterprise

Design -- Manufacturing -- Service Parts -- Supply Chain -- IT

iSEEK's suite of tools provides value across the enterprise.


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The ability to search, classify and analyze engineering data by shape provides value for many different business operations. 

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Models & Parts

Shape-based search enables model and part reuse.

Should-cost Estimation

When a new part is highly similar to an existing one, the existing part's cost is the most accurate predictor of cost for the new part. 


The ability to classify models by shape allows pools of highly similar models to be easily detected and analyzed. 


Manufacturing & Distribution

Highly similar models have similar tool paths and fixture designs, creating opportunities for reuse.


Tool Path

Orphaned inventory can be identified through the use of tablet computer and cell phone pictures.


In the event of a stock-out, highly similar parts with the potential to serve as substitutes can be identified. 



Supply Chain

Reusing existing supplier parts has a significant impact on cost.


Vendor Parts

Polaris has CAD model inspection tools that allow users to interrogate models including the ability to extract a component from a model and perform a search.

Model Inspection

Highly similar parts should have highly similar cost to purchase. Analytics can be used to discover unjustifiable cost variance.  

Price Validation


Vendor parts often have variants of different material or finish, or which can be made to work with slight modification.  A ShapeID label can identify these options.

Field Services & Service Parts

Identification & Substitution

Mobile allows smartphone and tablet computer photos to identify parts and potential substitutes. 

3D Printing

Mobile creates a direct path from a photo of a physical part, to the STL file needed to print the part. 

ShapeID Quick Read (QR) codes and RFID tags allow

 identification of parts and also potential substitutes. 



Engineering Management

Sentry evaluates newly completed models and provides alerts when reuse opportunities might have been overlooked.





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