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Universal Across Industries


The CADseek algorithm works purely from geometry, but it's NOT a learning algorithm, i.e., it doesn't have to study tens-of-thousands of similar models in order to be able to search or analyze those types of parts.  This means that CADseek applications can be deployed in any industry from industrial equipment to animation and even molecular biology.  We have successfully encoded CAD in the following industries.       

  • Aerospace at companies like Embraer, Parker and other leading aircraft manufacturers  

  • Leading agricultural companies like John Deere and AGCO ​

  • Heavy truck manufacturers like Peterbilt​, Kenworth and Hino

  • Medical equipment 

  • Appliances

  • Construction

  • Heating / Cooling

  • Toys

  • Electronics 

  • Plumbing fixtures at MOEN and Kohler

  • NASA satellite components

  • Furniture

  • Sculpture / Jewelry

  • Plastic injection molding equipment

  • 3-dimensional molecular models

  • Animation characters

  • 3D laser scans from a variety of sources

Massive Assemplies - Aerospcae.jpg


CADseek can encode a wide variety of 3D formats, including:  

  • Native files of leading CAD providers including Dassault, PTC, Siemens and Autodesk. 

  • Assemblies of all leading CAD formats

  • Neutral and other formats such as STL, STP and IGES

  • 3D laser scan data

All of these data types can be comingled in a single search index.  

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