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"The Google of CAD"

CADseek Polaris was the first, and is still the only CAD search engine to utilize a model's full, rich geometry, rather than a parametric value like surface area or volume.  

Geometry is far superior at being able to provide search results that are comprehensive yet clutter-free because there is so much more data to work with.   

The trick is being able to capture the geometry in a manner than is simultaneously comprehensive, concise and comparable. 

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Polaris is a Windows-based search application combining shape and text searching, with tools for model inspection and comparison.  Key features include: 

  • Geometry-based search provides comprehensive yet clutter free results

  • Fully automated encoding of CAD models and creation of search index

  • Unlimited attribute filters with Boolean operators for precise data slicing 

  • Easy to use interface that requires little training

  • Real-time importing of new models for search

  • Universal to any industry or CAD type without customization

  • Integration with CAD and PLM

  • Built-in model inspection and compare tools

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