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iSEEK Partner Network

Transforming the impossible into success!  

Projects and initiatives that were thought to be too large, too complicated or too ambitious are now possible with the accuracy and scale enabled by iSEEK's shape based search and analytics. 

Delivering Solutions!

Customers need your help to tackle manual, tedious, chaotic and budget draining projects for their engineering data.  CADseek provides a highly automated and accurate solution for:

  • Detecting duplication

  • Finding opportunities for standardization

  • Consolidating designs from mergers

  • Reusing designs and tooling in new process plans

  • Qualifying suppliers 

  • Performing should-cost analysis in early design stages

  • Identifying service parts and potential substitutes

With CADseek search and analytics technology you can help your customers implement cost effective, efficient, fully-automated, technology-driven solutions with proven ROI.  


Provide the cutting edge solutions that customers are looking for to improve data access and enable efficiency strategies such as part reuse.    

Business Meeting

Embed CADseek search into proprietary applications for improved functionality and competitive advantage. 

Business Woman

Help customers increase profitability by enabling projects previously deemed unattainable, such as part consolidation or standardization initiatives, or price variance audits.    

Please use the form below to contact the iSEEK team if you are interested in joining our partner network.  

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Transforming the impossible into success!  

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