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iSEEKGlobal is a cloud-based instantaneous cost estimation platform for Contract Manufacturing (CM) and supply chain management.

iSEEKGlobal provides a downloadable software application, iBid, for CMs and suppliers to download on their local hardware. Operating within their local network, this application processes the 3D geometry files for all the parts they have sold to customers in the past.  This produces a 40KB shape signature for each design that is uploaded to the iSEEKGlobal platform, creating an index searchable by designers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) using their own designs.

iSEEKGlobal also provides another downloadable software application, iEstimate, for OEMs to download and install on their own hardware.  This application analyzes an OEM’s unique design within the secure confines of their network and produces a 40KB shape signature to search the various indices provided by the CMs and/or suppliers.  Highly similar shape-search matches instantaneously identify pre-qualified sourcing opportunities with precise cost estimates and without the upload of CAD or the disclosure of intellectual property. 

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