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Integrated Suite of Applications

Our suite of products has grown to deliver use cases spanning the enterprise from engineering design to field services. A brief description of each applications follows.  Please click on the application image for more information. 

Then I discovered iSEEK, a firm that solves a very difficult problem in a brilliant way.  

Richard Davis

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Polaris is a Windows desktop application combining geometry and attribute search. Polaris is the go-to tool when searching for a design for possible reuse in a new application, to consider the cost of an existing highly similar part when estimating for the new part, to find

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which vendors supply an existing similar part, and so much more.  

Polaris combines geometry and attribute search, and includes built-in tools for design inspection and compare, which are especially valuable tools for users without access to CAD.    

Adviser - CADseek Adviser Live Search.png
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CADseek Advisor is a CAD plug-in that monitors a design session in a non-intrusive manner, and alerts a designer to existing similar designs only at points where significant changes have been made to the model.  

PLM Integration

CADseek search is now fully integrated with PTC Windchill and Aras Innovator PLMs. 

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CADseek Analytics provides a fully automated analysis of geometric similarity across an entire library of CAD models in order to find duplication, opportunities for standardization and unwarranted variances in price or performance. 


Meta-data filtering for attributes such as material, cost or supplier allows slicing the dataset in an endless variety of ways.  

Identify - CADseek iDENTIFY - The Search Engine for Shape on the Go.png

Too often parts get separated from their packaging resulting in lost identities and scrapped parts.  The Identify application solves this problem with photo-based  identification using a standard tablet or smartphone.  


ShapeID embeds a CADseek geometry signature in a QR code allowing not just identification but also awareness of possible substitutes that might vary in material, finish or in a pinch, can be modified to serve as a replacement.  

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The CADseek API allows CADseek search results to be embedded in proprietary applications such as catalogs, quotation systems or management dashboards.

3DSI - Sneaker.png

The website is the world's first universal index for 3D content on the web.  The site gathers web content from sources such as Google, Smithsonian, the Protein Databank, and many more, and makes the data highly searchable with CADseek Geometric search.  

iSEEKGlobal is a cloud-based instantaneous cost estimation platform for Contract Manufacturing (CM) and supply chain management.

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