Search, Identification & Anaytics

Across the Enterprise ... 

Our suite of applications span the enterprise from engineering design to field services.  Each application is embedded with our CADSEEK technology which captures the rich 3-dimensional shape of the CAD model. 

Why use shape?

Unlike keyword based systems, shape isn't dependent on humans to assign the approved keywords, confused by synonyms, or baffled by international languages.  And unlike parametric systems that use a measure like surface area, CADSEEK instead captures the full rich shape of the model at the same high resolution of the design, providing greater accuracy and precision.  For more information about shape and the technology powering our suite of solutions please click here.  

Then I discovered iSEEK, a firm that solves a very difficult problem in a brilliant way.  

Richard Davis

Product Overview

A brief description of each application is provided below. 


Search & Classification

Polaris is our enterprise class shape-search application that can be integrated into CAD, PLM, ERP and proprietary databases, or work independently sourcing data from folders or file share structures.  Not only does CADSEEK Polaris provide unprecedented accuracy, it's Navigator interface (image left) provides the fastest way to launch a search.  

Companion Products


Plug-in for Microsoft Excel


CADSEEK Adviser Live-Search integrates with CAD and monitors a design in progress, periodically performing a search for similar models as the design matures. 

Adviser is designer to foster part reuse by integrating into the existing design process, providing automation and convenience.  



The BIG Picture

The shape of parts is closely correlated with business metrics such as cost, price, process and performance.  CADSEEK's ability to accurately determine the similarity of models across the entire continuum of shape provides tremendous power for large scale engineering analytics.


Identification & Substitution

When a part loses its identity, when potential substitutes need to be identified, or when a path to the 3D printer is needed, CADSEEK Mobile provides the solution. 

When You Need More than Just Identification

Part numbers simply aren't able to tell the whole story.  ShapeID has the built in intelligence to identify part variants or highly similar parts which might server as potential alternatives or substitutes.


Command Line

The server component of CADSEEK can be licensed for embedding CADSEEK search results in custom portals.  For example, CADSEEK can be used in a quotation application, where customers upload CAD models, and when those models exceed a similarity threshold for an existing product a fully automated quotation can be provided in real-time. 

Please contact us to begin a discussion regarding feasibility and requirements. 


Powered by CADSEEK 

The Matrix below shows a column for each of the six capabilities enabled by CADSEEK, and which iSEEK product provides each capability. 







Auditing & Monitoring



Options for Launching a Search

Launching a shape-search first requires choosing a model to use as a search 'target'.  The CADSEEK suite of products provides twelve options for launching a search.   

3D Visualized Browsing - The Navigator module in CADSEEK Polaris groups models into part families based on their shape.  Users can 'fly' through the families and pick a member to initiate a search. 

Text - CADSEEK Polaris can import attributes from PLMs or other sources, and those tags can be used to initiate a search or to provide search filters.  

From CAD - CADSEEK Polaris can be integrated with popular CAD packages such as Creo to provide on-the-fly encoding and search allowing using the current model as the search target.

Live-Search -  CADSEEK Adviser Live-Search monitors the development of a model and on a fully automated basis performs a search for similar models that may work for the new purpose, either as is or with some modification.  

CAD Rough Sketch - CADSEEK's ability to ignore certain facets of shape allows CAD users to quickly rough sketch a model without the need to carefully dimension or detail the sketch. 

Extracting a Part from an Assembly - CADSEEK Polaris has CAD inspection tools that allow a single part, or collection of parts, to be extracted from an assembly and used as a search target.

File Open - Allows on-the-fly encoding and search using a CAD model stored locally on the desktop or in a folder.   

From PDM / PLM - Integration allows a model page in a PDM or PLM system to be used to initiate a search. 

Other 3D Formats - CADSEEK Polaris can encode 3D formats other than CAD, including 3D laser scans and point-clouds.  

2D Photo - CADSEEK Mobile allows smartphone or tablet photos, including a photo of a photo, to be used to search for 3D models, including STL models for 3D printing.

Hand Drawn Sketch - CADSEEK Mobile also allows a hand drawn sketch to be used to search for 3D models.

QR Code or RFID - ShapeID embeds a CADSEEK shape code in a quick read (QR) label or RFID tag for both identification and also to search for highly similar models that are potential substitutes.