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Search, Identification & Anaytics

Then I discovered iSEEK, a firm that solves a very difficult problem in a brilliant way.  

Richard Davis

Our suite of products has grown to deliver use cases that span the enterprise from engineering design to manufacturing to field services. A brief description of each follows.  Click on the application image for more detail. Technical information can be found on our technology page.  


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Advisor monitors a design session and alerts a designer to any existing similar models to foster model or part reuse.  

Polaris is a Windows application for search.  It combines shape with meta-data searching, and includes built-in tools for inspection and compare, which are especially valuable tools for users without access to CAD.    

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The Excel Add-in allows geometry searches to be performed fully within the Microsoft Excel environment.  

Engineering and IT Management

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Sentry is a reuse watchdog, which provides automated similarity analysis of new models waiting for management approval.  

CADseek Analytics provides fully automated geometric similarity analysis, with meta-data slicing, across entire CAD libraries.  


& Field Services

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Too often parts get separated from their identification either on the shop floor, in distribution or at the service counter.  iDENTIFY solves this problem with tablet or smartphone identification using standard photos. 

ShapeID embeds a CADseek geometry signature in a QR code allowing not just identification but awareness of possible substitutes.  

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APIs and Command Line

CADseek technology can be added to other applications via licensing APIs or command line tools. Please contact us to begin a discussion regarding feasibility and requirements. 



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