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Utilizing CADseek as a Service

There are many situations where it is feasible to utilize CADseek Analytics on a project-by-project basis. Common use cases include:   

  • Consolidation: identifying duplicate and functionally duplicate models and parts. 

  • Standardization: identifying larger pools of similar parts where creating a standard design may be feasible. 

  • Unwarranted Price Variance Discovery:  when parts are highly similar, they should have the same manufacturing process and similar cost (allowing for material and tolerance of course).  CADseek Analytics can be used to determine situations where similarity is high but significant cost variances exist. In some cases these difference can be due to price creep, mergers, or divisional purchasing practices.  

  • Unwarranted Performance Variance Discovery: as with price, CADseek Analytics can be used to find situations where similarity is high, but differences exist in warranty performance, service life, or technical performance.  

  • Predictive Pricing Model: the correlation between shape and cost can be used to develop a cost or price prediction model based on the similarity of a new part to parts with known cost or prices. 

  • Attribute Repair: parts that are similar or highly similar should logically have many of the same descriptive attributes but often do not due to errors and omissions. CADseek Analytics can be used to group similar models by shape alone to dramatically automate the application of new attribute values. 

  • Auditing: CADseek Analytics can be used to measure adherence to part reuse initiatives, i.e., the average similarity score of each new model created by Division A last year was 61% while for Division B is was 77%.  

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    • Determine the commonality of both proprietary and supplier parts

    • Determine suppliers used for similar parts

    • Price variance detection in service parts

    • Price variance detection in vendor parts

    • Performance variance detection between company parts for warranty performance, service life, etc. 

    • Attribute standardization

CADseek Analytics service projects are priced based on the number of models that are relevant to the project, and the project's duration. In most cases the CADseek software is deployed behind an organization's firewall, but it is also possible to provide data to iSEEK Corp. either by sending drives or electronic transfer. Please use the CONTACT US page to begin a discussion regarding CADseek services. 

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