There are numerous use cases that can be addressed by using CADseek products as a service:  

  • Develop a CAD related project road map to better understand or validate the scope of work that needs to be performed,

  • Create reports to drive projects, such as

    • consolidation of redundant designs,  

    • standardization of pools of highly similar parts

    • merging acquired models and parts 

    • data migration - find and eliminate duplicate data before migration

    • attribute correction or assignment

    • price variance discovery - find identical or highly similar parts with different prices

  • Audit work performed by employees or consultants. 

These kind of service projects typically utilize the CADseek Analytics application and are priced based on the number of models that are relevant to the project, and the duration of the project.  In most cases the CADseek software is deployed behind an organization's firewall, but it is also possible to provide data to iSEEK Corp. either by sending drives or electronic transfer.  Please use the CONTACT US page to begin a discussion regarding CADseek services.