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Improving Access to Engineering Data

Improving access to engineering data is our mission.   At it's essence, engineering data is related to shape.  We utilize the precision and intelligence embedded in CAD models to make those models more accessible and work harder for the enterprise via geometry-based search and analytics. 

We understand that shape-search is something that has been over-hyped and under delivered for a very long time.  CADseek is the solution you've been looking for.  We have high quality references in companies like John Deere and MOEN.  Our largest installation is a Global Fortune 500 company where CADseek operates from a single server, with more 2 million models available to search by more than 3,500 users scattered across thirty global locations, and where CADseek is integrated with CAD, PLM and proprietary databases.  

We would very much appreciate the opportunity to demonstration our software and prove its quality.  Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a demonstration.

Our Customers

Our customers are leading engineering companies from diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, building products, tooling and many more. Some manage thousands of CAD files, while others manage millions.


& Trusted

Windchill, Teamcenter, Enovia, SAP ..., we've deployed our software in all kinds of PLM and non-PLM environments with millions of parts and thousands of users across dozens of global locations.  

How we work

with you

We often start with a web demo, and then proceed to demonstrating our capabilities on some sample data you provide, but like our applications, we're flexible and can meet most evaluation protocols. Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a live demo.

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