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A Winning Strategy

Reusing an existing part is estimated to avoid $20,000 in expenses on average - a number which doesn't include tooling or fixtures.  

Reuse initiative often run out of steam, however, because designers lack enabling tools to find existing designs.  

CADseek Adviser Live-Search provides a solution which has the benefit of not requiring designers to change their existing workflows because Adviser is effectively part of CAD.  

  Reusing parts

  is good!


Adviser Live-Search monitors a CAD design session in real time and periodically perform a search only when significant changes are committed to the model.  The  images below show the progression of a design session with Adviser working in the background. 

A couple minutes into the new design the first extrusion process triggers an Adviser search, but results in no similar models being found (small adviser pop-up window in bottom left corner is empty).  

The extrusion of the trunk, however, results in five meaningful results.  Clicking the Adviser window allows viewing of meta-data for each result (image below).  

If a good candidate is found, clicking it imports the new design into CADseek Polaris (image below).  

An additional 5 results were found in Polaris (Adviser shows just the top 5). 

Any of the results can be compared to the new design with Polaris's compare function.  When available, link's in Polaris can open a model page within a PLM system for proper check out of the model to CAD.  



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