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Use Cases Across the Enterprise

Design -- Manufacturing -- Service Parts -- Supply Chain -- IT

Form Follows Function

A part’s geometry is not only synonymous with its function… but is also highly correlated with it’s price, manufacturing process and performance.

This means that the ability to capture and compare a part’s geometry allows that information to be used in a wide variety of meaningful ways.  While part reuse is a more obvious use, the ability to quickly estimate the cost of a new part by considering that of an existing and highly similar one is often overlooked.  There are many use cases for geometric search and analytics across numerous business domains.  


Supply Chain

Engineering & Engineering IT


Manufacturing & Distribution

Customer & Field Services

  • Model reuse

  • Part reuse

  • Knowledge reuse

  • Should-cost estimation

  • Part reuse

  • Cost estimation

  • Price validation

  • RFQ selection

  • Substitution

  • Consolidation

  • Standardization

  • Task assignment

  • Monitoring part reuse

  • Data migration

  • Data clean-up

  • Merger analysis

  • Estimations or Quotations

  • Fully automated quotations

  • Match scan of generic part to OEM catalog

  • Tool path reuse

  • Fixture design reuse

  • Identification of orphaned inventory

  • Substitution

  • File retrieval for 3D printing

  • Identification

  • Substitution

  • File retrieval for 3D printing

  • Match scan of generic part to OEM catalog

Geometry search and analysis use cases create high ROI potential. Numerous iSEEK customers have studied and determined they have achieved more than 100% return of their investment within eight months or less of deploying CADseek.  Three leading use cases are profiled below.  

Return on Investment


Part and Model Reuse

Use CAse - Reuse 1.png

A DoD study found that each time a part can be reused it can eliminate more than $20,000 of unnecessary expense for design, prototyping, qualification, manufacturing and inventory carrying cost.  


Consolidation / Standardization

Engineering has lagged far behind other business domains in the ability to apply analytics to engineering data like CAD.  CADseek Analytics provides fully automated similarity analysis across entire CAD libraries, creating a road map to opportunities for consolidation and standardization.  


Price Variance Discovery

Use Case - Price Variance -ROI.png
Use Case - Price Variance -ROI.png

It's logical that highly similar parts should have highly similar costs (allowing for material, finish, etc.), but too often there are substantial differences when identical or similar parts are purchased from different vendors.  CADseek Analytics provides a fully automated tool to find these unwarranted differences in either cost or performance.

In a pilot study of 350 parts CADseek Analytics was, within 2 hours of starting the project, able to identify 3 pair of interchangeable parts with significant and unwarranted  cost variances, leading to more that $120,000 of cost savings.  

For more information on use cases and ROI please contact us with your questions or to schedule a demonstration.  

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