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Formerly CADSEEK Mobile

If a picture is worth a

thousand words...

... then what's it worth to know what's in the picture? 

Inventory often loses its identity, whether in an assembly plant, distribution center or especially in the field.  Too often these situations lead to scrapping perfectly good parts, or time wasted playing detective. 

The iDENTIFY application provides an efficient solution, using smart phone or tablet photos to not only identify the part, but also to retrieve potential substitutes. 

New - Release 3.0

iDENTIFY now works with STL files, allowing a direct path from photo to the 3D printer. 

iDENTIFY is not based on a learning approach , but instead works directly with your CAD library, allowing far greater accuracy, convenience and efficiency. 

What is this?

How it Works

iDENTIFY is a smart phone or tablet application.

The photo is matched to CAD to identify the part and retrieve similar models. 

And iDENTIFY can even match STL files for 3D printing.

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