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CADseek Polaris is a Vector Database and Search Platform for 3-Dimensional Shape


& Simplicity

iSEEK Corporation provides the market's leading technology for CAD search with applications that are precise, flexible and easy to use.   


Our applications are deployed at leading global companies such as John Deere, Embraer, Peterbilt and Bridgestone, where thousands of users rely on CADseek applications to access, search and analyze CAD libraries containing thousands or even millions of models and assemblies of various CAD types.   

The difference in search quality and capabilities that comes from using a model's full geometry (rather than a representative like surface area) is dramatic not only in the accuracy of the search results, but also in the new capabilities that are enabled such as shape-based analytics.  We would be pleased to have an opportunity to demonstrate the CADseek difference.  Please contact us to schedule a demonstration, or to answer any questions you may have.

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