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We are extremely pleased with how [Analytics] is working for us and its usefulness. We see many benefits of continuing to use CADSEEK. 

The iSEEK Corporation’s management and staff have provided Peterbilt with excellent support over the two years of association with their CADseek product.  iSEEK has been very responsive incorporating product enhancements to address our needs. Their

CADSEEK product has the functionality necessary to help our company reduce costs through several paths. CADSEEK can improve reuse and repurposing of existing designs by rapidly identifying similar parts through both geometric model based  comparison and attribute based search engines. The tool can also rapidly identify existing duplicate parts permitting cost savings through consolidation, standardization and part number reduction. iSEEK’s technical expertise and proprietary approaches for geometric comparison have been well proven in our evaluations.”


Rick Mihelic, Engineering Systems Manager, Peterbilt Motors Company

"CADSEEK has had good acceptance among our designers, and we have measured [the benefit of] reuse of about 30 parts already.  We attained six times the return on our investment within seven months of deploying CADSEEK."

Effective shape-based search must tackle two primary jobs: identifying topology similarities and displaying results in a comprehensible fashion. CADseek accomplishes both with ease and simplicity.


“iSEEK has expanded into the CAD market with a highly disruptive technology, and we look forward to watching the company’s continued strong momentum.”


Erich Fritz

Managing Director, Software,

Union Square Advisors.

"CADSEEK saves time, improves consistency, and most importantly is exceptionally easy to use."  


George Taylor, General Manager, Kenworth

"An algorithmic visual search makes perfect sense to me.  A database search would be ok in a perfect world, where every part is stored with appropriate metadata.  Really, who does that?"  


Roopinder Tara, The CAD Insider 

"It is a new technology that offers immediate value with a simple user interface.  It solves a huge problem and transfers significant savings to our customers' bottom line."  


Carl Rose, President, Impac Systems Engineering

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