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CADSEEK Search now available inside the PLM environment!

Geometric Search without Leaving the PLM

PLMs are meant to provide data security, management and access, but access relies on keyword search which is compromised due to errors, synonyms and global languages.  


In contrast ... all designs have shape ... so it's impossible for designs to be invisible to geometric search. 


Embedding geometric search directly in the PLM augments attribute search with the comprehensiveness of shape-based search, and provides the convenience of not needing to leave the PLM environment.    

With the CADseek plug-in for PTC Windchill, or Aras Innovator, any design's information page has a CADseek Search Tab which automatically displays the most similar items that are in the CAD database. 

Windchill with Manifold on Model Page.png
Windchill Integration - WC Demo Parts.png

The CADseek tab displays the top five search results, including thumbnail images, the CADseek similarity score (geometry and size), size ratio value, and the name of the source dataset. 


Links on the tab allow the user to:  

  • open a search result’s own page in in the PLM, which will in turn have its own CADseek Search Tab, or

  • launch CADseek Polaris for advanced search, as well as model inspection and compare tools


Windchill Integration - WC Demo Parts.png

This new capability fosters part reuse as well as enabling other geometric search use cases that are based on accessing the data of similar models, such as

  • cost estimation,

  • supplier selection,

  • supplier cost validation,

  • access to test data,

  • access to manufacturing plans,

  • etc. 

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