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iSEEK Corp Nominated for Best in Show

Best in Show

Anaheim, CA    June 12, 2013


iSEEK Corporation was well represented at the recent PTC Live Global 2013 conference held at the convention center in Anaheim, CA. Abir Qamhiyah and Don Flugrad demonstrated CADseek, the market authority in shape search and Visual Data Management, for many of the 2,000 who attended this year’s event.


They also introduced CADseek Mobile as the newest product based on iSEEK’s unique shape search technology. Photograph a part with a tablet or cell phone and send it to CADseek Mobile to search a CAD database and identify the part with all associated information. This product will be particularly useful for companies that depend on dealers to provide customers with field replacement parts but will also find applications in the consumer market.


Roopinder Tara of TenLinks, the largest online CAD, CAM and CAE news network, stopped by the iSEEK booth to view the demonstration and discuss the new CADseek Mobile product. Of the 60 exhibitors at the conference, he then selected iSEEK Corporation as one of four nominees for “Best in Show” at the event.

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