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iDENTIFY Demonstration



Adviser Live-Search

Mobile Video

iDENTIFY  (Formerly CADSEEK Mobile)

CADSEEK Mobile Search

Use Cases for CADSEEK Mobile


The Navigator Module in CADSEEK Polaris

Visual browsing of one or more entire dataset, classified by shape into part families.

Visual Browsing of Multiple Datasets

Selecting a Search Target from the Navigator

Using Attributes to Filter a Shape-Based Search

Search by Attributes

Text Search and Filtering in CADSEEK Polaris

Searching with Text
From CAD and Rough Sketch

Search from CAD with New Model

Search with New Model Exported from CAD

Search with New Model Rough Sketched in CAD

PLM Integration

CADSEEK Search from Windchill PLM


 CADSEEK Analytics - Report Example

CADSEEK Analytics - Report Example 1

CADSEEK Analytics - Report Example 2

CADSEEK Adviser-Live Search

Adviser Live-Search - 3 Examples

Adviser Live-Search - 1 Example

Adviser Live-Search

 CADSEEK Add-in for Microsoft Excel

Excel Plug-In
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